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The Airbrush Shoppe Frequently Asked Questions

The Airbrush Shoppe Frequently Asked Questions page is intended to help customers with common questions before ordering products without having to wait for e-mail replies.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to submit your own questions here. If we feel it is a common question people may ask, we will include it into this page.


Q: Will my shirt fade after washing?
A: Not at all. We supply you with washing instructions (Wait 2 weeks before washing the first time. Always wash cold, inside out, and no bleach. Hand dry for longest life) We heat set every shirt as stated from the paint manufacturers. Airbrushed shirts have gotten a bad name as far as wash fastness because the more greedy airbrush shops and vendors around the world like to skip this step of heat setting their products to save time. If ever buying airbrushed clothing, I would recommend asking the shop/ vendor if they heat set their clothing before purchasing from them.

Q: Where's my product? I need it by a specific time.
A: We can give you an estimated time of delivery only. We have no jurisdiction over the postal service and therefore cannot guarantee delivery in a timely manner. We have no problem trying to help assess any shipping problems by contacting the postal service so feel free to ask for help.

Q: Do you airbrush Caricatures?
A: Yes!  Contact us and send pictures of the person you wish us to paint and we will begin the process.  Please note that these are an exaggerated form of the person and what we see may differ from what you see.  Itís supposed to be funny!!!  Be open-minded!

Q: I'd like my design to cover the entire shirt. Is this possible?
A: Yes! If you want your design big, mention that in your order.  All designs roughly cover a 14x14 inch area.

Q: Can you duplicate a picture for me exactly?
A: No! We are not computers!   Everything we do is hand made and will be an artwork rendering of any pictures you send.  Even bulk orders with the same design, whether just words or pictures will have slight differences to them.

Q: I want to send an item to have custom airbrushed. How do I know you can airbrush on it?
A: Almost anything can be airbrushed on, (clothing, leather, metal, wood), but if youíre not sure, feel free to ask.  Plastics and vinyl can give you longevity problems.

Q: I don't like my product. Can I send it back and get a refund?
A: Unfortunately no. We do custom artwork so therefore, cannot resell anything and that's why we ask that you be very specific in what you want. Make sure all spelling is correct. All we can do is turn your words and pictures into a design.







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